Cabrières d'Aigues


The village

Cabrière d’Aigues is a village of 840 residents. It is located in the South of Luberon and there is the higher point of the mountain : the mount Mourre Nègre which is 1125m high. There is also a geological reserve, people can find squall teeth and bones seldom, but there are also an awful lot of shells. Nowadays, this area is protected and people can not search for shalls or bones anymore, but they are still allowed to admire the landscape.


To visit

  • The Mille Fleur Chapel, it is a basement where there are some copper plate with Nîmes coats of arms on the stairs.


  • St Jean Church, the remains don’t exist anymore because they have been taken away in North America, but this area used to be a human cemetery and some bones have already been discovered.