The city

Apt counts 11500 residents, it is located on the former Domitienne road it is around the cathedral St Anne. The Cavalon river runs across the city which is between the massif du Luberon and the mounts of Vaucluse, that is why it is a beautiful place.

Apt is also famous thanks to its big market which changes each season and tradition. Moreover, the wine and crystallised fruits lovers will enjoy all the knowledge of these products in the area.


To visit

  • St Anne cathedral, it is very notable and also barroque style. A treasure is displayed in the sacristy, you can see unusual religious objects of an inestimable value, some manuscripts, and last but not least the Sr Anne veil from Crusades.


  • The gate of Sagnon which is the only remains of the former fortification of the julienne city.


  • The Julien bridge and via Domitia. This bridge has been built for 2000 years and, thanks to it, people can go across the Cavalon river.