Camping Les Chênes Blancs***


Saint Saturnin stands in the heart of an area dominated by stone.
A magnificent village where we are all proud
To share our homeland and hidden treasures
A place where people take pleasure in holidaying
And when they arrive in this charming place
The Chênes Blancs camp site is there to welcome them.

Jacqueline and Robert greet you with a welcoming smile
So genuine and sincere, you immediate feel at home
Always a nice word and a hello,
Friends of the people, a real pleasure
Visitors are content in this haven of peace
Where harmony and respect reign free
A place to discover the richness of a region
A clear morning or mild evening
Of a summer brightened up with happy campers
Experiencing enjoyment, relaxation all hours of the day.

Informations et Tarifs

Capacité : 50 personnes


Adresse : Route de Gargas
Téléphone : 04 90 74 09 20
Fax : 04 90 74 26 98